The process used for this is the same as used for the previous post.

  1. Download the version of Opera 9 for i386 Linux from the official site.
  2. Go to the Ubuntu package site and download these packages (also for i386):
    • libqt3-mt
    • libaudio2
    • libxcursor1
    • libxft2
    • libxfixes3
  3. Open each package in turn (don’t install!) and copy the libraries to the /lib32 folder as root. Open the package, then open “data.tar.gz”, then find the /lib folder. You don’t need to worry about copying anything under the /usr/share folder, these are just docs and some unneeded symlinks.
  4. Install Opera by browsing to the folder where you downloaded it to and entering sudo dpkg -i --force-all opera*.deb.

All done!