DoubleClick screenshot


DoubleClick Digital Marketing Manager and other DoubleClick Digital Marketing Platform applications are used by thousands of marketers and agencies worldwide.

ProductionCRUDGoogle ClosurejQueryTests Included
Shortkeys for Chrome screenshot

Shortkeys for Chrome

A Chrome extension for custom keyboard shortcuts. Angular powers the admin/options UI

ChromeExtensionOpen SourceLocal StorageJSON screenshot

Standardized college admission testing site for Universities in Czech Republic.

ProductionCRUDjQueryTests Included
PhoneCat screenshot


Android phone and tablet gallery — the AngularJS tutorial app. Learn how to build apps with AngularJS from scratch by following this tutorial!

DemoCRUDBootstrapNo jQueryOpen SourceTests Included
Memory Game screenshot

Memory Game

Simple implementation of the memory game using AngularJS and CSS transitions.

DemoGameAnimationsNo jQueryOpen SourceTests Included
PubNub Chat screenshot

PubNub Chat

Blazing fast real-time messaging using PubNub and AngularJS.

DemoOpen SourceWeb SocketsBootstrapjQuery
Cryptography Project screenshot

Cryptography Project

Encrypt and decrypt any text right in your browser. You can also generate random key phrases from the list of 39,000 English words.

ProductionToolCryptographyNo jQueryOpen Source
wReader screenshot


Fancy HTML5 RSS Reader.

DemoAnimationsBootstrapjQueryOpen SourceTests Included screenshot

Docs viewer app for AngularJS apis.

ProductionBootstrapNo jQueryOpen SourceTests Included
PeepCode Tunes screenshot

PeepCode Tunes

Simple HTML5 music player. Ported from Backbone.js to AngularJS.

DemoNo jQueryOpen SourceTests Included