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devtron Official DevTools extension.
electron-prebuilt Install prebuilt Electron binaries for command-line use using npm.
electron-packager Package and distribute your app.
electron-builder Create installers.
electron-debug Adds useful debug features.
electron-is-dev Check if Electron is running in development.
electron-localshortcut Add keyboard shortcuts locally to a window.
electron-gh-release Auto-update by releasing on GitHub.
electron-release Publish a new release of your app to GitHub.
electron-updater Auto-updater leveraging npm to deploy updates.
fix-path Fix the $PATH on macOS when run from a GUI app. Useful when spawning a child process.
auto-launch Launch apps at system startup.
nuts Releases server with auto-updater and GitHub as a backend.
electron-dl Simplified file downloads.
electron-release-server Self-hosted release server with front-end & auto-updater support.
electron-rebuild Rebuild native Node.js modules against the currently installed Electron version.
electron-compile Use ES2015, CoffeeScript, Less, Stylus in your app without a precompilation step.
electron-positioner Position windows at common spots.
electron-window-state Save and restore window sizes and positions.
electron-drag Improved window dragging.
debug-menu Chrome-like "inspect element" context-menu.
electron-installer-debian Create a Debian package.
electron-installer-redhat Create a Red Hat package.
electron-installer-windows Create a Windows package.
electron-sudo Subprocesses with administrative privileges.
electron-json-storage Write and read user settings.
electron-download Download the Electron release zip from GitHub.
ipc-stream Duplex stream over IPC.
is-electron-renderer Check if your code is running in `main` or `renderer`.
electron-osx-sign Code-signing for macOS apps.
electron-detach Restart an Electron app as a detached process.
ember-electron Build, test, and package Ember apps.
electrify Package Meteor apps.
spectron Test Electron apps using ChromeDriver.
babel-preset-electron Babel preset that only compiles what's necessary for a particular Electron version.
electron-is Useful 'is' utility functions.
electron-osx-appearance Simplified API for accessing macOS's appearance settings.
electron-config Persist user settings and other data.
electron-context-menu Extensible context menu.
electron-require Simplified require.
NeDB Embedded persistent or in memory database.
electron-devtools-installer Install DevTools extensions from the Chrome Web Store.
electron-log Simple logging.
electron-redux Synchronize Redux state across windows.


electron-boilerplate Boilerplate to kickstart creating an app.
generator-electron Scaffold out an app boilerplate.
electron-boilerplate Comprehensive boilerplate which even generates installers.
electron-react-boilerplate Boilerplate based on React and webpack.
descjop ClojureScript boilerplate for creating an app.
electron-quick-start Clone the repo to try a simple app.
bozon Scaffold, run, test, and package your app.
electron-vue Easily build your app with Vue and common plugins.
SkelEktron A ready to go app template with some useful features built-in.


Photon UI toolkit for building beautiful apps.
React PhotonKit Photon components built with React.
menubar High-level way to create a menubar app.
cookies Adds support for `document.cookie`.
window Easily create and manage windows.
React Desktop UI toolkit for macOS and Windows built with React.
electron-input-menu Context menu for input elements.
chrome-tabs Chrome like tabs.
titlebar Emulate the macOS window titlebar.


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The New Desktop: Electron, React, & Pixel-Perfect Native-Feeling Experiences
Building Desktop Apps with Node.js and Electron
Electron Fundamentals course - Pluralsight

This list is generated from @sindresorhus's Awesome Electron repository.
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Bay Area Electron User Group San Francisco, California, USA
ElectronDC Washington D.C., USA
Electron Korea Seoul, South Korea
Austin ElectronJS Meetup Austin, Texas, USA
ElectronJS Paris Paris, France
Electron/Atom Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
ElectronJS Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey
Electron JS Utah American Fork, UT, USA
Montreal Electron JS Meetup Montreal, QC, Canada
Github Electron Bamenda Bamenda, Cameroon

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